Meet the A.C.G.R.C.
We welcome you to check out this website that hosts a number of information. Learn about our club and share in a mutual love for the Rabbit Beautiful.
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Membership Information


Should you share an understanding for these rabbits and enjoy what you see, don't hesitate to fill out a membership form!

We are always accepting new members!

Events and Shows


We are always participating in events and rabbit shows. Our next major show that we are looking forward to is the ACGRC Annual Show in Ludington, MI the weekend of May 21-23.

Pictured to the left are former long time members Chet Jenkins, Robert Wallace and Dallas Goodwin and Wilford Wells.  Dallas recently passed away. He and his wife, Virginia were long time breeders from Indiana.  Wilford raised some great rabbits over the years. His son, Scott is the treasurer for the ACGRC and has raised many winning rabbits over the years.


Also pictured, Robert Wallace who recently passed away. Bob was a successful, longtime breeder who was a founding member of the Iowa CGRC and excellent ARBA judge.

 The ACGRC now offers Youth Sanctions in addition to Open sanctions. Please see our updated sanction form. 


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